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By My Side (Sabo x Reader)
"(Name)? Are you home?" Sabo called out upon his return to his and his girlfriend's house. Usually she was off work by now, but she did have a tendency to listen to music loudly; ergo, no response. Sighing slightly, Sabo slipped off his shoes and took off his coat before heading further in.
"(Name)? Honey~ I'm home!" He tried again, checking the rooms as he went. After a quick sweep of the first floor, Sabo deduced that (Name) was not on this floor and started for the stairs; calling her name a couple more times as he went. When he reached their bedroom, he opened the door slowly and quietly in case she was asleep after a long day's work.
"(Name)~?" He whispered out, scanning the room for any signs of his love. Then, on the floor by the end of the bed, he saw it; her foot just barely peeked out before being drawn closer to her body. Frowning slightly, Sabo made his way over to her.
"(Name), honey, what're you—?" He cut himself off when he saw her silently bawling her eyes out, an
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High School Hell (One Piece x Reader) Chapter 3
Chapter 3-
"So why was Mr. Caesar looking at you like that?" Kid asked as they made their way to the cafeteria.
"Like what?" Law chuckled as he walked beside her.
"Like he was about to piss himself. I mean, he may have still acted like an arrogant ass, but he seemed to be more mindful of how he acted towards you." (Name) blinked before shrugging.
"I don't know...." She lied.
"Well, anyway, let's get in and see who's cookin'." Kid said as they turned the corner. It was a normal cafeteria: long tables, many chairs, and a window that lead to the kitchen for students to get their lunch, but their seemed to be no staff in the kitchen.
'"See who's cooking"? Don't tell me the—'
"Yep, the students have to do the cooking; that's why lunch period is so long." Killer said from behind her, seemingly reading her mind.
"Why am I not surprised?" She sighed.
"Glad to see you've finally relaxed. No more stuttering?" (Name) smiled sheepishly.
"I suppose when I'm around you, Eustass, or Law it real
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Biting Pear by Purple3Panda3 Biting Pear :iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 3 0
Attic Ch1 (OP x Reader)
"Nana~! I'm here~!" A young woman of about twenty called out. Taking off her shoes, the woman called out once more.
"Nana?" She headed toward the kitchen.
"In here, (Name) darling." The young woman grinned happily, skipping to the elderly woman's side as she made some sort of baked sweet.
"So~? What'd you call me for? D'ya need a hand with something?" Her Nana sighed as she wiped her hands on her apron, took (Name's) hands, and looked her straight in the eyes.
"There's something of great importance that I need to discuss with you, (Name)." (Name) blinks, letting her smile fall sightly at the tone of voice the elderly woman used.
"O-Okay." Leading (Name) to the dining table, (Name's) Nana sighed once more before giving (Name) a small but sad smile.
"I am dying, dear. The doctor says I have about a month to live... and as I have no children or other living kin, I want you to have my home." (Name's) eyes welled up but she blinked them back in order to respond.
"You've been thinking long a
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 9 15
Chasing Shadows- Christmas Special
"Keep up, you slow-pokes! Keheehee!" (Name) called over her shoulder. You see, many pirates prefer to remain hidden as they go about their shopping or exploring a possibly inhabited island and what have you, but this captain, this pirate captain... She hated hiding in the shadows. She loved the spotlight, she loved the awed gasps of the crowds, and— more importantly— she loved to tease Smoker.
Perhaps I should take the time to explain what has led these poor souls to run after their captain; their lives ever so close to ending should they take one false step.
It all began two days ago, on Christmas Eve.
~~~Two Days Ago~~~
"Captain? Are you sure about this?" Romulus asked as he stared up at the island.
"Of course I'm sure! This is were the map says the treasure should be." Remus sighed, equally as skeptical as his brother.
"You're not holding the map upside down or something, are you?" (Name) paused, considering the possibility, and her crew sweat-droppe
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Alice in... Animeland?! -Red Hibiscus-
Chapter One: Red Hibiscus
... A red hibiscus?
"How pretty." (Name) murmured as the rabbit hopped over to her. She reached out slowly and was just about to brush her fingers against its fur when an excited squeal scared it away.
"Oh my gosh! Is that you (Name)?! Oh, it is! Come here you!" (Name) sighed, she had really wanted to pet the rabbit, but... she really missed her aunt too.
"Auntie (Aunt's Name)!" (Name) said back, standing to hug her aunt.
"Oh, look at you! You've grown so much since last I saw you! Muah!" Her aunt said with a kiss.
"Well, it has been four years. So, what brings you here Auntie (Aunt's Name)?" Her aunt smiled cheekily.
"You, of course! Now, come, I'll take you home and you can tell me all about these last four years." So, (Name's) Aunt dragged her all the way to her car and all but threw her into the passenger's side. With a slight sigh, (Name) pulled out her phone and texted her friends. The second she told them that her Aunt was in town and coming to
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Sand and Blood- Benn Beckman x Reader 6
Chapter 6-
“How much longer until we get there?” Shanks whined loudly. (Name) was about to snap at him, but Yasopp beat her to it.
“Oh, shut up already! If you didn’t want to come, you shouldn’t have jumped!”
~One Hour Ago~
“You stubborn woman! Have you completely lost your mind?!” Beckman growled as he wrung out his shirt. After hearing the splash that (Name) had made upon impact, the four men quickly made up their minds to follow her. She had still tried to escape them by swimming as silently as possible, but to no avail. Now they were on the bank of a river that would eventually lead to the oasis (Name) was headed for.
“Not yet! But if I am to suffer your company any longer, I just may! Besides, if I am stubborn, what does that make you? Most people would have taken my jumping off a cliff as a clear sign to back off!” (Name) said back, standing to her full height and ignoring how tightly her clothes clung to her body at the
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Haunted House
Father!Shanks x Daughter!Reader x Brother!Kid (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION)
“God damn stupid brother and all his stupid friends! They must think they’re really fuckin’ funny calling me up like this right now!” (Name) growled as she replayed her conversation with her older brother in her mind.
“Ugh, Kid? What do you want, man? It’s, like, four in the morning; shouldn’t you all be asleep?” (Name) groaned into the receiver as she held her bright ass phone to her ear.
“Yeah, look, something’s come up and I need a ride home, so get over to Luffy’s ASAP.” (Name) sat up angrily as she began giving her brother a piece of her mind.
“Listen here you--- That son of bitch hung up on me! Gah! Fine! I won’t hear the end of it if I don’t go get him…”
Now, here she was driving--- illegally, I might add--- to her brother’s friend’s house at four forty-five on the
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 10 2
What's Not Yours
Shanks x Friend!Reader (READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE)
“Ah, good! You’re here Shanks! Thanks a ton, you have no idea how much this means to me!” (Name) cheered as she hugged the red-head tightly.
“No worries, (Name)! I mean, it’s just dog-sitting, how hard could it be?” He said as he patted her back. She pulled back with a serious look on her face.
“You have no idea how much hell Luffy can raise! I left him alone for five minutes once and when I came back, he’d destroyed everything he could get his little paws on. So, please, don’t leave him alone.”
“Don’t worry! He won’t leave my sight! Besides, I love puppies, so how could I leave such a cute one alone?” Shanks said as he lifted the Golden Retriever puppy into his arms. (Name) smiled at the scene.
“Calm down, (Name). It’ll only be for a few hours, and Shanks is great with kids and animals, so relax.” (Name) glanced over at her boyfriend be
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Angry Birdie in the House of Mirrors
"Law! I'm home!" (Name) called out as she closed the front door with her foot; grocery bags held precariously in her arms.
"Ah! Here let me help you with that!" Law breathed when he saw her struggling with the groceries. He looked tired, more so than usual anyway, and (Name) deduced that he had been in his room studying as always.
'What am I going to do with this boy?' She thought as they began placing the groceries where they belong.
"So, Law, anything interesting happen while I was gone?" She asked as he began handing her eggs.
"Hmm.... No, I've been studying since I got home— have you checked the mail?"
"Oh! Yep, and apparently Doffy's throwing a sort of Halloween bash. He sent us invitations and, well, y'know we haven't seen him since..." Law paused and looked over at (Name).
"It's okay to say he died, Mom. It makes it easier to heal. And Roci— Dad, he'd want you to heal." (Name) smiled; Law was probably the sweetest ado
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 16 4
Retribution and Repentance
Uncle! Doflamingo x Child!Reader (READ THE DESCRIPTION PLEASE)
"Hehehe! Look look! It's a butterfly, Uncle Doffy!" (Name) giggled.
"Yes, it's very beautiful, (Nickname)! Just be sure not to wander off too far!" Doflamingo smiled at his niece as he sat and watched her play on the playground.
"Hehehe! Hey wait! Hahaha!" The five year old chimed as she ran after the butterfly. She ran closer and closer to the forest near the park, but Doffy took no notice; a young single mother had seen to that. (Name) giggled as she chased the insect further and further, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a black mass to her right.
"Eh? Excuse me, sir? Um, are you okay?" (Name) murmured as she shuffled closer to the man in the feather coat. He turned to her slowly, a huge painted smile on his face.
"...." (Name) blinked, taking in his heart covered shirt. He was ghostly white and very handsome; he greatly resembled her Uncle Doffy. But something was wrong; from beneath his bangs blood was slowly
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 13 5
Perfect Porcelain Doll
“Perona! I’m home!” (Name) called as she walked into her girlfriend’s house, take-out in one arm and flowers in the other.
“In here!” Perona called from the dining room. (Name) gasped when she entered the dining room. She thought the world must be ending because there her girlfriend was surrounded by thick books, diligently reading the thickest of the bunch.
“Holy cow, doll. What got you so interested in lobotomies all of a sudden?” (Name) asked as she glanced at the cover of the book Perona was reading.
“Something I saw on the television. Why?” (Name) smiled and held out the flowers.
“No reason~! Here you are! I thought they’d look nice with the Halloween decorations. And~! I bought take-out!” Perona gave (Name) a distracted smile.
“That’s nice (Name).” (Name) frowned at Perona’s lack of attention, but shrugged it off. She was probably jus
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A Face Only A Mother Could Love (OP x Reader)
(Name) was happily scribbling away in her notebook as she sat and waited for her captain, Tafalgar Law, to finish “playing” with the Marines. Pausing momentarily when Law removed Smoker’s heart, (Name’s) face broke into a wicked grin, and she quickly turned to a new page and began scribbling once more.
“Hmph. (Name)-ya, come o-“ Law began as he turned back to her, but she interrupted by zipping over to him and Smoker and holding up the notebook so that they could see.
“Teehee, this is what your and Smoky’s kid would probably look like, Captain.” Law blinked, very used to her antics by this point, and quickly pulled her to his side when an irate Smoker struck out at her.
“Now, now, (Name)-ya. It isn’t polite to tease. Now, come on.” He began walking away before abruptly stopping—this caused (Name) to run into his back—and turned back to her and cupped her cheek.
“Also, burn that drawing; you are ne
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 14 21
A Betrayal Most Foul (Whitebeard Pirates x Reader)
"It doesn't have to be this way (Name)." Ace gasped, sweat trickling down his forehead, body tense.
"Oh, but it does." She pressed her blade closer to his throat. The atmosphere was stifling; all the commanders watched as their sister turned against Ace.
"(Name), my daughter, please lower you weapon." Whitebeard pleaded. (Name) glanced back at the man; her eyes cold, her mouth held in an angered frown.
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to disregard your order, Pops."
"Please (Name), let's talk about this." Ace murmured. (Name) scowled.
"No, Ace. I can't let you do this. Now....."
"Step away from my dinner."
:iconpurple3panda3:Purple3Panda3 55 44
High School Hell (One Piece x Reader) Chapter 2
Chapter Two-
The lesson was going fairly well, (Name) hadn't needed the review on semicolons, but it was nice to see another person's explanation on the matter. So, here she was, diligently taking notes like the good student she is. At least, she was, until a paper football landed on her side of the desk. Glancing over at Luffy (who was currently snoring loudly to her left), (Name) was about to unfold it when she heard a voice call out.
"Would you like to share with the class, Ms. (Last Name)?" (Name) paled slightly for two reasons: one, Mr. Benn hadn't even turned away from the chalkboard; two, the six other students were all staring at her now. Nodding solemnly, (Name) stood and read the note.
"'H-Hey, new g-girl, what's y-your n-name?'" She stuttered out, face now resembling a tomato. Turning to face her, Mr. Benn held out his hand for the note, clearly not believing her.
"Well, go ahead and introduce yourself, but no more passing notes; that goes for all of you." (Name) began fiddl
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Alice in... Animeland?! -White Water Lily-
Chapter One: White Water Lily Path
(Lyon Vastia)
....A lily?
"Oh, how pretty." (Name) muttered sarcastically. It wasn't that she didn't like the flower, it was just that it blended in with the rabbit's fur so well that she nearly missed it.
"Little one, you need to get a flower that doesn't blend in so well, y'know?" The rabbit tensed; it probably wasn't expecting to be addressed directly, and ran off a second later.
'Well then. Time to get going, I suppose.' (Name) thought as she turned to head for the exit.
"Hey! I'm here. Sorry about my tardiness, though, I got caught up by those bullies again." (Name) paused in taking off her shoes to listen for signs of life.
"Guys?" She called out before heading toward the kitchen. She looked at the center countertop and saw a note. In big letters (Tony's handwriting no doubt), were the words:
*Something came up! Sorry, maybe next time?*
Sighing, (Name) crumpled up the note and glanced at the one on the fridge. It was from her moth
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[Fairy Tail OC] Mangetsu's ID card by xMangetsu [Fairy Tail OC] Mangetsu's ID card :iconxmangetsu:xMangetsu 22 11
Storm Warning | Chapter 2
Chapter 2

“(Y/n), (Y/n) are you okay?!” Kaz yelled as he burst open the door to the ungulates quarters, a fierce gust nearly toppling him and ripping away his grip on his crutch.
He let the wind slam the door behind him before you answered with a strained and hushed “Yeah, over here Kaz, please come quickly.” The man breathed a sigh of relief and made his way over to the sound of your voice.
Before he reached where you were, Kaz could hear that the Zebra was in distress. You were on the floor of the stable with the mare, her head in your lap with her eyes covered with a towel. He saw that you were having a hard time trying to calm her down, then he noticed the small, seemingly lifeless filly lying just behind the mother’s hind legs.
“Oh Crap.” Kaz muttered.
“You got that right. Please, I need you to come over here and help calm her down. I need to help her baby.”
Kaz dropped the bag he was carrying to the fl
:iconmillersmaxibuns:MillersMaxiBuns 10 3
Storm Warning
Chapter 1
The days were long on Motherbase. And they could be pretty exhausting after having to walk around the place, as huge as it is. You thanked Kaz’s foresight to make sure there were vehicles placed along the base, in between the struts. You always admired how much of himself Kaz put into MB, his home.
Our home.
But as much as he loved running MB, Kaz always missed the action of the battlefield.
A lot of the time, Kaz was busy doing something like paperwork in his office. After losing his right arm and part of his left leg to the torture he endured whilst he was held captive in Afghanistan, he could never return to the field. His eyes had been damaged by the dark conditions they left him in. Kaz always found it cruelly ironic that before this, he used to wear his dark aviators everywhere, even indoors. Now he had to wear them all the time as his eyes were permanently sensitive to the light.
You arrived sometime after Big Boss returned to duty. Kaz never talked about
:iconmillersmaxibuns:MillersMaxiBuns 15 4
Mature content
Smoker x Reader - The secrets you hide :iconvoidhunterxx:VoidHunterXX 14 0
Protective team mates are protective by johanirae Protective team mates are protective :iconjohanirae:johanirae 404 66 Preparing for Winter by johanirae Preparing for Winter :iconjohanirae:johanirae 174 41 Bucky finds out by johanirae Bucky finds out :iconjohanirae:johanirae 81 20 Bearvengers 1  steve bucky natasha sam by johanirae Bearvengers 1 steve bucky natasha sam :iconjohanirae:johanirae 235 26 Bearvengers 2  phil loki clint by johanirae Bearvengers 2 phil loki clint :iconjohanirae:johanirae 100 9 Loki and the curse of the frizz by johanirae Loki and the curse of the frizz :iconjohanirae:johanirae 217 29 Wakanda cannot take these feels by johanirae Wakanda cannot take these feels :iconjohanirae:johanirae 81 7 Sam and Bucky are new BFFs by johanirae Sam and Bucky are new BFFs :iconjohanirae:johanirae 94 5 Operation Bring Bucky Back by johanirae Operation Bring Bucky Back :iconjohanirae:johanirae 174 44
Blast! Pt22 ~ Hell Dungeons 2/2

         Law felt offended, this was the monster he was to be fighting? The Stallo goes past, grunting dumbly. How was he supposed to show off his magic against this idiot? Law frowns, easing through the forest to the meadow and humming deciding to use his magic to make a large pitfall for the creature.
          With a sigh, he opens a vile and blows magic into it before dropping it in and watching it fill up with a toxic liquid, starting to sing loudly as he make a thin layer of grass reach over it. “Come on~ You stupid shit~” He sings, hearing the creatures clumsy approach. He smirks at the Stallo when it appears and offers a wave.
          The Stallo roars and charges him, falling through the pitfall and into the acid and shrieking as it’s skin is eaten away. Law sighs once the shrieking stops. “Disappointing…” He grumbles before going
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 36 9
King ~ Eustass Kid x Reader pt1
*Image by :icontessumomo: ! I'vebeen sitting on this fic for a bit so... Here goes! Hope you like it! And thank you artist for your contribution! *
    The beautiful ballroom. The fancy, colorful attire dancing around you. The band was playing such lovely music. You almost started to smile. That is, until you’re awakened by a roar. You open your eyes and frown heavily at the ceiling. Of course you were back here. Another roar prompts you to get out of bed and leave your room to storm down the stone steps, stopping when you come to where the stone fell away to about a nine foot drop.
         “Hey! You! Loud mouth!” You call to the doorway in annoyance. You see the large shadow of the beast shift, but doesn’t move to poke it’s head into the tower. “I see your shadow! You woke me up again you hell beast!”
         Now the red scaly face peers in
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 72 31


Okay, so, after some deliberation, I've decided to let my friend WhatDoYouCallEm take over Sand and Blood. I have, unfortunately lost my inspiration for it, so hopefully he can get to the end in my stead. I'm terribly sorry for anyone who was reading this story, but the lack of inspiration on my part has turned it into something of a soap opera. That was something I never wanted, especially for Sand and Blood. SO, when the next chapter comes out, WhatDoYouCallEm will link to the chapters I have and vice versa.

Thank you all for the support and I'm sorry I couldn't keep up with it.


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United States
Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read this!

A little bit about me:
- I love anime (mainly Fairy Tail and One Piece right now)
- I love video games (i.e. Skyrim, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, etc.)
- I am kinda writing a "book" (don't know if it's even good enough to call it that) so, I don't post as often as I like
- I answer every comment and thank people for the llamas and faves!
- I REALLY like notes

Feel free to note me or comment, even if you just wanna talk!


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